Self Exploration

Self Exploration

What do you want out of life? Who are you? What is your life purpose? What parts of yourself do you neglect or turn away from?

These can be tough questions to answer and often require much reflection and self exploration. When we are in the dark about our true wants, needs, and desires, anxiety, mood swings, and a general sense of unhappiness can emerge. Alternatively, you may feel content with the way you are living and would just like to explore questions like these and get to know yourself better.

In therapy, we will carefully and compassionately work to connect to your true self. We will explore various aspects of your life, such as early childhood experiences, relationship patterns, and the current challenges you face. We will work to bring the unconscious consciousness and reveal the parts of yourself that have been hidden.

It can feel scary to explore the neglected parts of yourself. This inner work can be hard, and it is also valuable in creating a full and authentic life. If you’re ready to shine a light on your true self and work towards building inner strength and acceptance, reach out to schedule an appointment.


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